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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  July 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i can't wait to cross the finish line with you. thanks so much. >> yeah, looking forward to it. >> if you want to follow along with me, scott, or any members of the six-pack, check out get a lot more there on our fit nation challenge. thanks for being with us today. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good sunday morning. casey anthony is a free woman. she walked out the front door of a florida jail just hours ago, but where is she now? also, today, a big day for the women of the u.s. world cup soccer team. they may be the odds on favorite to win the world cup final today, but they are not the favorites. i am t. j. holmes.
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thank you for being with us today. let's start with the story that seems to have come to some kind of an end. this is casey anthony leaving jail 12 days after being found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter. she walked out the front door, which was a surprise to many. anthony was found guilty of lying to police, and that got her a four--year-sentence, and you factor in time served and good behavior, and she's out. this comes three years and a day after she was first arrested on the disappearance of her daughter. david mattingly joins us. this was a surprise to many that she walked out the front door. >> reporter: that's right. there are a number of scenarios in mind, and they had several contingency plans at the jail depending what was going on at the time.
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as she walked out there were hundreds, very focal, and many holding signs, and it was an emotional time, and they allowed her to walk outside to a waiting suv, and from there they went straight out on to the expressway. and it's a downtown orlando news helicopter followed that vehicle to a building where one of the defense attorneys has an office, and after that they lost sight of her, so they went on from there to parts unknown. this lasted only about 30 seconds. she didn't say anything. she kept looking down. she did not make any sort of visual contact with the crowd that was there. she did say thank you to one of the guards as she was leaving the jail, but that was it, no expression or comments, nothing. there were a couple journalists allowed to embed, to to speak,
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and get the pictures we have been looking at this morning. here is what they had to say. >> she walked out, and when she walked out she had a sign of relief on her face and walked by one of the sergeants and she thanked him and continued rapidly outside. >> she was not smiling. she wasn't frowning, and did not look joyful. >> two officers were behind her with green bullet proof vests and semiautomatic weapons strapped on them, and it was quiet until she worked out, and then there was a burst of a cafaphonic scream. >> and jose baez and her got out
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quickly. there were police officers on horse back blocking the crowd as well, making sure there was no traffic or anybody trying to follow them. after a matter of minutes, after it was all over, the crowd dissipated and everybody going back home in the wee hours of the morning. >> any indications of where she is going to go? where she is going to live? what she is going to do? >> reporter: all of the affiliates here in the orlando area were watching the airports around orlando. there was no confirmation of her getting on any flights leaving the area. it's really not known anywhere where she might be. her defense team made it clear that they felt she would be unsafe after she got out of here. there was talk about her leaving the orlando area where she is such a recognizable figure.
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and there has been no indication whatsoever where she might go. but the strategy appears to be for the moment for her to stay out of the public eye. remember, she has a number of civil cases now working through the courts that she is involved with, so she has a lot more to do, a lot more legal work on the table in her near future that she has to work through as she is trying to get her own life back together, t. j. >> david mattingly for us in orlando. we appreciate you as always. i want our viewers to take a look at something else down the road from the home of casey anthony's parents. this memorial was set up for caylee. it has seen a lot of visitors this weekend. a lot of people leaving flowers and stuffed animals and signs for little caylee. well, at five minutes past the hour, let me turn to chile, to the rescue chilean miners. they filed a lawsuit against their own government.
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a great story it was. trapped for 69 days after the mine cave-in last august, and they are asking for half a million dollars each in damages. but they say this lawsuit is not about money, but about safety. they want the government to tighten safety measures. and it's a big day for the usa women's soccer team. the u.s. women are the odds on, the betting favorite to win this game, but no doubt, japan the sentimental favorites around the world, and they are playing for so much after their country went through the tsunami and earthquake, and they had to practice in the daytime because they cannot practice at night in japan, and they had to deal with so many other things because of the earthquake and tsunami. the last time the u.s. won the title was back in 1999. we will get more from germany
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live coming up a little later in this hour. right now it's time to say good morning to mr. reynolds wolf. things are hot. >> yes, indeed, they are. perfect day to watch inside and watch the world cup. heat is going to be the big story. we have 16 states with some kind of watch, warning or advisory. and with the high humidity, it's going to feel like it's 110 as high as 120 in many spots around the nation. we will give you a tropical update and give you an idea of what is happening in terms of thunderstorms, and a good possibility of those popping up today. >> thank you so much. rupert murdoch is practicing what he is going to say to lawmakers this week. we have that and news that he has a new celebrity pr guy. we go in depth. it's seven minutes past this
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ten minutes past the hour now. cnn in depth. we're looking at the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch and his media empire. the "news of the world" tab laid was closed down because of it. this is a big deal to be testifying in front of the lawmakers over there and you probably need to practice what you're going to say, and he's getting practice in. >> he is definitely. and this is really unprecedented that a media mogul like murdoch is getting a grilling by members of the parliament. steven rubenstein, who is a public relations expert who helped david letterman recover from his scandal about extra
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marital affairs in the workplace, and in the meantime he is trying to salvage media news international's reputation by putting out three of these apologies going out yesterday. the headline was we're sorry. today it's putting right what's gone wrong. listing ways in which they are trying to solve the crisis. full police cooperation and compensation for those affected. rupert murdoch will face the lawmakers, and trying to answer questions without trying to damage the police investigation that is on going. if he doesn't answer the questions satisfying to lawmakers, it will look like he is being less than transparent. >> this hearing, if americans
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hear he is testifying in front of parliament, and explain to the viewers exactly what we should see. >> well, we are going to see probably some very heated debates. it has already been very heated debates at the house of commons when the murdochs were not there, so when they are sitting in the hot seat and getting grilled we could see very fierce debates breaking out. having said that, there is the police investigation, and lawmakers have been told they cannot prejudice the investigation. we are going to see rebecca brooks, the former news of the world editor, and james murdoch, the senior executive here in britain, and rupert murdoch himself. he almost never appeared in these kinds of things, very rarely. everybody will be looking for that. >> always good to see you. thank you so much.
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to our viewers, time to head across the country, and let's start in los angeles they are calling this the biggest non-event since y2k. you have been hearing about armageddon, warning people that the 405 will be closed this weekend, and it appears that's exactly what the people of l.a. have done, nothing to report as far as any gridlock. people seemed to have stayed home. maybe the public awareness campaign was a success. and let's turn to minnesota where crews are working to stop fuel from spilling after a train derailment. this happened overnight. 17 cars, two local motives were derailed. the engineer and conductor were injured. a california man was
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arrested for threatening that woman, senator barbara boxer of california. police left death threats on her office voice mail. the suspect is kevin o'connell. he is expected to have his first court appearance on tuesday. progress to report in the nfl talks. we have heard this before, but it sounds like it's for real this time. players and owners are back at the bargaining table tomorrow. we'll have more on this and other stories making headlines after the break. it's a quarter past the hour. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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scene keeping up with the british open right now. the best guys in the world have the ridiculously high scores because of the weather over there. and the leader is darren clarke with a one-stroke lead. we shall see if the american could take this major. also, nfl players and owners are heading back to the bargaining table tomorrow, and from all indications from the people watching the negotiations, a final agreement may be near. they have reported some progress on a wide range of issues, and the two sides have been at odds since march. the nfl locked out the players. everybody is trying to get this lockout over with, because you have a small window of time now
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to get it over with and get the players back into the camps so they can start the season and not miss any pre-season games or any regular season games. that's the trick to get this thing done quickly, and reynolds, as i move my breakfast off of the table -- >> it's a morning table. can you have your leg of lamb or whatever it was you were eating up here, by all means. >> you have been watching progress, and they are getting momentum towards getting this thing over with. >> and hopefully, i think even the high school players, they have to deal with camps and heat outside. we always hear about these guys being careful out there, and we need to do the same thing. if you are in parts of the midwest where the temperatures will range in the 90s and 100s, this is one of the days you want to take it easy. a lot of people will go to try and cool down is the coast. these images were taken by a
5:19 am
body surfer, and one of the eye reporters shot these in newport beach. what an amazing thing to see. that's intense wave action, and a spooky thing. if you are not experienced in the water, stay out. these guys are braving it out there. this is a wedge, popular spot for surfers, and body surfers a like, spectacular waves out there. take a look. tropical out look says we have a disturbance east of florida. at this point the national hurricane center is giving this area about a 30% possibility of developing, further developing and becoming a tropical system of some kind and maybe a depression or tropical storm or hurricane. it's the season where we see this kind of thing develop and occur. and then the extreme heat across
5:20 am
parts of 16 states, and the temperatures will range from 110 to 120. and one of the reasons we will see the heat is because of a high ridge of pressure developing over the center of the u.s. the big ridge will allow the moisture to come in. and it's also going to allow the chance of storms developing, too, and perhaps even into the late afternoon hours. and we have strong storms stretching from big sky country into parts of the central and western great lakes. so be advi advised, storms may your future. relentle relentless, some spots into the 90s. and then places like minneapolis, take a look at this. we mentioned the heat index will be anywhere from 110 to 120. t. j., you are up to speed, and let's pitch it back to you. >> reynolds, appreciate you as
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always, buddy, and we will head to the campaign trail next. check out the guy that wants to be your next president. that's him on the right. that's john huntsman, who is taking a trip around his home state. coming up in a few minutes, we'll check out all the political headline. also, the u.s. taking on japan today for the women's world cup soccer championship. if japan beats the u.s. today, it will be the first time they have beaten the u.s. may sound like big odds, but japan has a whole lot more to play for today. stay with me. our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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nadya billcheck. they are a good team. >> they are a great team. >> but the sentimental favorite has to be japan in this match. >> look what the japanese have been through. look at the japanese team. they can't even practice at night because of the nuclear crisis and the energy shortage. they cannot light up the fields at night so they have not been able to practice. and japan is experiencing a huge heat wave which resulted in all kinds of interesting things happening, including the wearing of cooling foam. >> yeah, we have seen this. >> very fascinating cooling foam. we have to take a look at it and i hope we have it to show you. and people are wearing suits that have pockets where they can put cooling packs. they say necessity is the mother of invention. with all of this, the japanese have not used the weather as an excuse. the north koreans, however when
5:26 am
they played the u.s. at the evened of june, they used the reason, they said a lightning strike during practice struck five of the players that had to be hospitalized -- >> that's a legitimate excuse. but i think we should find our reynolds wolf -- >> magically, i am here. >> reynolds, what are the chances of five players being simultaneously hit by lightning. >> probably higher than a jeti trip being deployed. they had a lightning strike that injured 77 cadets at one time. it can happen. did it actually happen? we'll never know. >> how does that happen? the lightning hits the ground or hits something that they are all standing on? >> yeah, absolutely. one bolt -- >> i have to tell you this part.
5:27 am
>> bring it on. >> the north korean team has been accused of taking steroids, and they say it was the chinese medicine that they had to use the gland of a deer that they had to use because of the lightning strike. >> you know, i have had any side affects from deer glands, but to cause lightning strikes to take out five people, i don't know. >> and in june of last year, the men's world cup soccer team, the coach had an invisible phone where he could speak to kim jong-il, and -- >> i stayed with you on the lightning strike and the chinese medicine, and you lost me on the invisible phone. >> the coach said i am speaking to the leader, kim jong-il, and he invented the invisible phone. but the force of kim jong-il was not with them. >> i have to answer my invisible
5:28 am
phone and it's a collect -- i am not accepting it. >> it's interesting to see who the force will be with in the game. >> yeah, 2:45 eastern time. we will have more on the women's world cup. also, as we get close to the bottom of the hour, the casey anthony case started with a search for a missing little girl. the story of caylee's disappearance and death is a long stream of media stories on missing white girls. i am talking with a woman that is trying to raise awareness of the large number of minority children that go missing and get no media coverage. that is next.
5:29 am
5:30 am
the casey anthony case started with a story of a missing little girl. 2008, thousands of people joined in the search for missing 2-year-old caylee anthony. the media got a hold of the story and didn't let go. people could not get enough of this drama surrounding the discovery of the body and the trial of her mother, casey. but there are other cases that got tons of attention on tv and the nation. what do some of these have in common? the victims, a lot of people will tell you, are all attractive, and they are all from white middle classed families. critics have given the trend a name. they call it missing white woman
5:31 am
syndrome. according to the group, a child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the united states, and 42% of those children are african-american. but how about this? can you name one of them? president of peas in their pods joins me now. you focus on minority children. are we in a day and age where an organization like yours is necessary, and is that a shame? >> sadly it is necessary and it is a shame, but it's definitely necessary as you said every 40 seconds is missing, and 42% are african-american. as people wake up today i promise you they know more about casey anthony and lindsay lohan and j lo's marital status than they do any of the names or the faces of the kids that you are scrolling. >> we are showing their names and faces of some of the kids from your website. but i guess how do you go about
5:32 am
getting the message out? i will admit, i was not familiar with the organization until it was brought to me by my team. you said yourself you were not familiar with the organization. how do you get the message out? >> we rely on everyday people to send out e-mails letting people know that children go missing, and we do a lot of advocacy ourselves in getting the word out. >> who is failing? us in the media, because we pick and choose which stories and which kids we want to focus on? >> i would not blame the media solely for the fact that we do have this white woman syndrome as you called it, the white missing women syndrome, as you called it. if they want to see a more diverse look at the kids missing, of course you are not going to put it on because you don't think anybody will watch. it will take everybody in our communities to stand up and let
5:33 am
you know that listen, kids like saw nia davis and all of these other kids are important, too. >> there was a quote that i think that i read from you, the media is one thing, but also the public, there's something out there where they just don't seem to value minority children or african-american children as much. what do you mean by that? >> i say that to say because the community has not demonstrated an interest in it, then the media doesn't value these children. the magazines are not going to put them on the covers because they will not sell, so they think. can they be valued? absolutely. >> i have two examples we wanted to use. a couple kids we want to focus on. two kids people probably never heard. joshua davis. >> he is a toddler missing out of texas who went missing from his family's home. there are a number of people in the house. he is -- barely 2 years old, and cannot reach the doorknob, but
5:34 am
somehow they are alleging he got out and walked the streets. he has not been seen since. the police say they are a number of pedestrian files listed in the area. it's a convoluted case. where is joshua? >> another name, tyler thomas. another name nobody has ever heard. once i read the details, this sounded like other stories. >> a 19-year-old college student. good student. she was out partying with her friends and we spoke with her friends she was with that night, a little bit of drinking going on and she left home to go by herself, and somehow she got into a car with a 29-year-old gentleman who was attending the college as well. he has been arrested. he is saying that they had consensual sex, and she was going to tell everybody that she was raped by him, and she has never been seen since. >> and this is something that a
5:35 am
police officer out in oakland and it stayed with me. he said another thing about the missing minority kid cases, is minority families are skeptical of the media and are reluctant to step forward and say i will do the interview, with often times the middle class white families are more media savvy. do you think that could be the case? >> that could be the case as well. a lot of kids of color missing are listed as runaways. that's another major problem when we talk about missing kids of color. >> we appreciate you being here. again, a lot of people might be shaking their heads, and it's unfortunate an organization is necessary, but it is. thank you for bringing it to our attention and being here this morning. >> thank you. we're at 35 minutes past the
5:36 am
hour now. we will turn to politics where the republican presidential candidate jon huntsman met with other governors for the national governors' association meeting. after the meetings, though, look at what he did. huntsman jumped on his harley for a quick ride. he led 50 bikers through the streets of salt lake city. michele bachmann said she is ready to sign the conservative pledge on the budget deficit. it's called cut cap and balance. most of the other candidates have signed on. bachmann thought the pledge did not go far enough. coming up, will he or won't he run for president? candy crowley tells us about her exclusive interview with former
5:37 am
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all right. at 40 minutes past the hour, we're getting more information in and another brick in this phone hacking scandal out of the
5:40 am
uk. i want to turn to our atikashubert. this may be the biggest, most relevant arrest in the whole scandal so far. >> that's correct. we have confirmed that rebecca brooks, the former news of the world editor has been arrested and we understand is still being questioned at this moment. what police have told us is that a 43-year-old woman was arrested earlier for questioning in regards to both the phone hacking allegations and allegations of payments to police officers. now what we understand from rebecca brooks' public relations officer is that she was arrested earlier. so this would be the most high profile arrest in the phone hacking allegations, and it could complicate matters for the hearing on tuesday where she is supposed to appear before
5:41 am
lawmakers and answer their questions, but from an investigation perspective, this could make it a lot more complicated, because it could limit what the lawmakers could question her about. >> you are right. she wanted to go there, and possibly answer questions and be forthcoming about what she knew. if she is somebody facing possible charges now, any attorney will tell her to stay as tight lipped as possible, and there have been a number of arrests in the case so far. it's hard to keep up with all the people who have been arrested. this woman is the head of news international. she has resigned, but news international is the parent company that did run "news of the world." i don't know if you have the list in front of you, there have been a number of arrests so far in this case so far. >> there have been a number of arrests. it started with the arrest of the private investigator who was hired by news of the world to carry out the phone hackings.
5:42 am
originally the police said it was limited to one private investigator and one reporter, but as we know now, in fact the allegations of hacking spread much wider and then we saw the arrests of other "news of the world" executives, and now brooks who was also a former editor of "news of the world" and senior executive at news international. what is important to know is that brooks was editor of "news of the world" when apparently an editor hacked into the phone messages of the young girl murdered here in the uk, and they apparently hack into the her phone messages and allegedly deleted some of the voice mail messages in there to leave way for other people to leave messages, and that gave her parents false hope she could have been alive. and this is the scandal that
5:43 am
angered the british public, and that happened under brooks' watch, apparently. this is why her arrest will strike a chord with people here in britain and they are hoping to get to the bottom of this and how far the phone hacking went. >> the former head of news international under arrest, and that would be the biggest arrest so far in the whole phone hacking scandal. let me say good morning to our candy crowley. she's coming your way in a few minutes with her show, "state of the union." i was off last weekend and i miss you when i don't see you. you have a big interview today. it's amazing that rudy guiliani's name still shows up when polled on who you would like to vote for president still
5:44 am
comes into the race. he's not running. >> well, he is still stroking that. he has been there and doing all this faux campaign, which a lot of them do before they get in, but it's getting late here. there's no real sign that he's building up a staff, or setting those things in place to raise money, but nonetheless, he is leaving -- he said i will decide by september, and so he is clearly, you know, shaking hands and doing all the things you are supposed to do, except for actually getting into the race. i think you will be interested in the interview, because there is an answer that he gives in there, and i don't blow what it is -- >> come on, candy! >> let me just say his response to the idea of gay marriage in new york, which as you know is legal by the legislature, he said that he thinks that marriage should be between man and a woman. his answer to that makes me
5:45 am
believe he's not running. >> that's a very good tease. very good tease there. one of the other things you can't do without is not talk about the debt ceiling. >> what can i tell you? jacob lou will join us from office of the budget. and they say maybe there's something on the revenue side to break the impasse. we'll see where they are. they have been meeting all weekends long. and what we're getting from the hill is not much has happened, but they are talking, which is better than nothing. time is awasting here and they don't have it yet. >> have you seen this photo? this is new video we're seeing from friday's meeting at the white house between the president and ruby bridges? have you seen this thing? >> i have not. >> she was immoralized by norman
5:46 am
rockwell, in the painting here. 6-year-old bridges was the first african-american student to attend a all-white school. he got to meet her. isn't that something to see those two standing there together? >> it is. it's obviously a very appropriate white house to have it in. you know, i forgot what it was memorializing, and that's an iconic picture to look at and you know the picture. >> a lot of people know the picture but don't know the story. there she is after all these years. wanted to share that with you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. i was here and you were gone. >> you didn't have to throw that out there. >> okay. fair enough, candy. but i am here with you this weekend, and candy will be with you viewers here in about 13 minutes and 27 seconds, 9:00 a.m. eastern time, and 6:00 a.m.
5:47 am
pacific, right here for "state of the union." coming up, we will head live to germany. our own zane virgie is hanging out with the u.s. soccer team before the big match today. also, you want to get a date with a big star? this is all you have to do. joined the armed services, and then ask for a date on youtube. that's all you have to do, folks. timberlake is heading for the ball. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. can become romantic just like that. a spark might come from -- a touch, a glance --
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5:51 am
favorites, but not the sentimental favorites. >> reporter: yeah, they are feeling very confident, t. j. they know how to hustle and are talented, and have the speed and strength to deliver. in just a few hours, they could win it. what are they doing today? they are relaxing. they are with their friends and families and playing on ipads and computers and going on long walks to clear their minds. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is in greece talking about the debt crisis there, but the world cup final is also on her mind. listen to what she just said. >> i am going to be watching. i am so excited. i am so proud of the u.s. women, and, you know, dr. biden is there and my daughter was asked to accompany her, and so we have a really good cheering section, and i just have got the highest
5:52 am
hope this great team that has shown such great resilience will be winning for the u.s. >> reporter: over the years, the u.s. team has played japan 25 times, t. j., and never lost. so they are hoping they can keep that winning streak. the fans here are excited. i ran into one. listen. >> i think it's going to be a hard game, i think it will be a fair game and i am hoping the u.s. will take the cup home. >> reporter: the japanese are very skilled, t. j. that's what people are saying. they know how to control that ball and keep possession and keep passing it to one another. the u.s. has the speed and the strength. we will see who the best team is in hours. >> looking forward to it, and appreciate you being there and being able to talk to you this weekend.
5:53 am
the weather switched up a bit, but you will be fine. zain verjee for us there in frankfurt, germany. "friends with benefits" coming out in the movies, and starring timberlake and mila. youtube played match maker. check this out. >> hey, mila. i want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on the 18th in north carolina. take a second and think about it and get back to me. all right. bye, now. >> love that guy. he was just cool about it with the shades and the turn, you just have to be confident like that. that's sergeant scott moore. justin timberlake noticed this, and then encouraged his costar to go on the date.
5:54 am
>> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. do it for your country. >> i will do it for you. >> but this is the thing. this is what happens next. he calls out his costar, kunis, and then another marine says okay, timberlake, we'll call you on it. >> so justin, you want to call out my girl mila, well, i will call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball on me on november 12th on washington, d.c., and if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me a river. >> cry me a river and i will kick your butt, she is a martial arts fighter, and a cage fighter as well. this is his response. >> i don't get asked out, ever. so i was very flattered by that. i hear that she's like trained in martial arts, so i am hoping that we can tussle at some
5:55 am
point, and that last part is a joke. >> yeah, that's a joke, because she's a black belt in karate. she does cage fighting. her name is corporate kelsey de santis, and she does cage fights. their date is set for november 12th in washington, and kunis is attending the marine corps ball on november 18th. nasa, got a little celebrating going on this morning. ♪ >> yesterday, it was beyonce waking up the crew. they went old school for today's wake-up call. a quick break and we're right back. ♪
5:56 am
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"state of the union" with candy crowley coming your way in a couple minutes, but first news from outer space. it begins with a celebration. ♪
5:59 am
>> that's cool and the gang's "celebration." the shuttle's main computer that had a glitch is now back up and working again. sounds pretty important to have your main computer up and working. >> you're just hundreds and hundreds -- only 1,7500 miles up in space. a little bit of an issue might be a big issue, you know. what is with the music? seriously. they had -- it's anti-climatic, isn't it? don't get me wrong, but you know where i am going with that. >> i know where you are going. >> we're talking about the possibility of heat today. and something else will be with you today, the chance of severe storms. we had strong storms in parts of the ohio valley, and with it it has been in the east of


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